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9 Jul

See that picture?  Took that last night, and I’m nearly done with that glove.  Aww, yeah.

So, the timestamp on that last post is a little odd – I hadn’t set my time zone yet.  Oops.  But now I’m on trusty PNW time, so it is in fact 11:30pm.  Having slept in until an embarrassing time, I’m sure we’ll be up for far longer, so I’m expecting to be done with that glove by then.  Hopefully.  🙂

Merry and I have been doing Ghibli nights for the entire week – it’s been really fun!  We skipped last night because it was his Friday night Magic: The Gathering group thingy, but other than that, we’re marathoning these suckers.  Tonight, I’m thinking Nausicaa.

Those gloves are actually for Merry – I’m following the Men’s Fingerless Mitts pattern and it’s working up well.  He loves them, although they’re not really my style – a bit too chunky and plain, methinks.  And navy blue… what a silly boy.  😛

I actually learned Magic Loop just the other night specifically so I could make gloves.  I was getting really stressed with my DPNs – I’ve used them plenty of times before, and I don’t get ladders, but I hate starting a project on them.  I also have a weird amount – I have a million size 8s, for example, and I didn’t have any size 6 ones for a project like this one.  I knew I could do Magic Loop, but I was concerned about doing it on my KP Options, since I only had a cord for 32″ and most people recommend a 40″ circular for ML.  I gave it a whirl, though, and it works wonderfully.  I also periodically switch up where I’m pulling the loop out of just to be sure I’m not getting any laddering, although it probably isn’t necessary.

Next step is to add some smaller sized fixed circs from Knit Picks to my wish list!  I love learning new things.  🙂

Until next time, my lovelies.  Follow the Ravelry link below to go find the pattern there!

– M


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