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you can’t front on that, yo

9 Jul

ZOMG another blog.  Maybe I should stop making new ones and just use one, like for reals.  Maybe?  Maybe.

So, after many years of Livejournal – too many to count, really – I was a member way back when I was at UW with Brad, the dude who in fact created LJ.  He helped me move.  We hung out.  True story.  Where was I?  Yes – after many years of LJ, it’s time to branch the hell out.  It’s kind of a cesspool there, and it’s only getting deeper.  I have a Dreamwidth account for blogging to friends, but where oh where should I be blogging about my crafts or school or riveting things like that?

Here, I suppose.  Yay!

My name is Moni, and I’m a 28 year old perpetual college student.  I just earned my Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education, having been oh-so-gently urged by my partner in crime to buckle down two years ago and actually TRY to finish a degree.  I spent several years in the work force, worked for the state, all that jazz, so it hasn’t exactly been 10 years of college.  But, well… it was time.  🙂  I’m not sure if being a teacher is my absolute lifelong dream, but I’m looking forward to it.

I work in a library – I was in fact raised by librarians.  My father was and still is a reference librarian, and my mother was the library assistant at my high school.  Needless to say, lots of books around.  My husband and I are on a constant search for more bookshelves.

We currently live with my father and stepmother in a split-level house – the previous owner made the downstairs into some type of bachelor haven, so that’s where we live.  All I know is, he installed the cabinets way too damn high.  He was apparently a giant.  We’re about to be purchasing our very own trailer, however, because living with my dad just wasn’t classy enough.  😛  No, the plan is to get our own digs in trailer-form so that we can live cheaply while we finish school and save up for a plot of land.  We plan on building our own log cabin, because several years in apartments was enough to sour us on the whole deal.

Expect this WordPress theme to change twenty million more times before I’m satisfied.  And that is all for tonight.