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serenaded by soul calibur iv

14 Jul

Yeah, another blanket going.  So sue me.  🙂  I felt like I had to start a granny square blanket rightdamnnow.  Does that ever happen to you?  I’m assuming so, if you’re a fiber nerd.  I had originally considered making one out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, because I’d never tried to make a cotton blanket.  But, eh.  Money’s awfully tight, I only have two skeins of it at the moment, and I have 6 lovely colors of Vickie Howell’s Sheepish sitting in my basket that was originally meant to be a blanket before it turned into the Stripy Scarf.  (BTW, looking at that yarn just makes me miss Knitty Gritty.  Sigh.)  I was inspired by a few badass rainbow giant grannies over at the Ravelry, and I couldn’t be stopped, y’all.

The box of Hostess Donuts I managed to capture in part of the picture is an added bonus.  I’m so classy.

Speaking of classy – the trailer hunt is beginning.  We’re feeling a bit caged in here at my dad’s, even though we have the bottom floor of the split level to ourselves.  I’m insisting on a trailer big enough to have a separate sleeping area, so we’re looking at something 26 feet or longer, likely.  Here’s hoping we can find something soon.

Of course, a new trailer just means that I have to class it up further with homemade shit.  It’s likely that whatever we buy will come complete with a ‘God Bless This Trailer’ pillow (no, seriously, most of them are sold with them, I’ve discovered), but I’m looking to up the ante even further.  Aww, yeah.