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i swear, i know i should be blogging.

4 Aug

It’s so funny – I feel my itchy fingers when I don’t blog, and yet, I feel like if I don’t have much of anything to say, what’s the point?  I also feel like I should be taking photos for all my blog posts, and if I don’t have any ready to go, I can’t blog yet.  Crazy woman, I know.

The summer is still poking along, uneventful as always.  I recently resurrected my Sony Pocket e-reader and I’ve been loading tons of books onto it – I spent one week going through every damn Sookie Stackhouse book, since I was on a hardcore True Blood kick.  The books, well – when you go in expecting nice juicy sex scenes and silly related drama and very little else, you can’t be disappointed.  🙂  I’ve read so many books in my life (raised by 2 librarians, yo, and I frigging work in a library) that I can appreciate most books for any entertainment value they can give me.

Part of the reason I’m getting back into the ebooks is because of the impending trailer purchase.  My three – no, four – full bookshelves aren’t going to fit in that thing, obviously.  I’m going to have to say goodbye to most if not all of my paper books.  This is heartwrenching, but at the same time, I know that the stories are what count, and as long as I have them digitally, I’ll be fine.  When I have my nice big house in ten or so years, I’ll start buying them again.  🙂

I can’t help wanting a new, fancy Nook or Kindle or something, though.  My Sony Reader, though, is actually really nice, and it’s only about 2 years old.  If I spend the time on formatting the books correctly, they work really well.  And of course, there’s always the online lending from local libraries – go, Overdrive!

So, I suppose I might get some book reviews going on here, too, just to make things fun.  And I’m thinking of resurrecting either my Goodreads or my LibraryThing account to track what I’m reading.

What else?  I’m planning on working up some crochet tutorials, and I have a footstool makeover to show off soon.  And more babbling of course – always with the babbling.


man, that was too epic.

16 Jul

Merry and I went to see Harry Potter today, naturally.  I’m not so keen on midnight showings now that the majority of my nerdy little crew has moved away from Washington – things like that are best done in big groups.  However, matinee showings are just fine for couples, dontcha know?

I was not disappointed.  The Snape memories were effective, I got to see Molly Weasley be all kinds of awesome, and Neville totally got his moment in the sun.  We weren’t sure whether it would happen for him or whether they’d find a way to edit his part, but again – not disappointed.  And it was too much to my little fangirl heart to watch Ron and Hermione finally have their moment.  There is one canon couple that I’ve NEVER had an issue with.  🙂

So, on the crafting front.  Meridan says I can’t learn a new craft, because I know too many.  He is a buttface.  I’ve been thinking about quilting lately, although that seems like quite the undertaking.  Maybe if I bought some kit or something that already had the pieces cut, and I could just machine quilt them?  Hm.  I need to just shut up and stick to crocheting afghans, right?  I mean – one skill is as good as another.  And yet, my itchy little fingers…

My giant granny square has stalled at the moment for lack of yarn.  It’s a sad thing, really.  Perhaps there will be a chance to get more later.

I’ve picked up my cross stitching again recently – I have a few tiny projects going on, a little pixel-ish montage of four images from Sleeping Beauty.  It’s a chart from Magical Cross Stitch, which I picked up secondhand and really enjoy.

Enough nonsense, there’s more Camelot to be watched, people!

– M